About Us

Pat Henry Elementary School is located just west of Fort Sill Boulevard and South of Rogers Lane. Pat Henry School opened its doors in 1995 and replaced the Jefferson school that burned down. Jefferson Elementary and Taft Elementary students began attending Pat Henry School after the fire and combined into one location. Our school was named after the 1992 National PTA president Pat Henry, who has been a Lawton resident for years and continues to reside here.
Pat Henry serves students in grades K through 5 and we also have 3 self-contained autism classes, and we house the Student Adjustment Center for elementary school students. We have a very nice library/media center with an inventory of over 18,000 books of which 5,700 books are in the Accelerated Reader program. There are also twelve computers in the library.  We also have two Macintosh computer labs and one mobile laptop lab that enhances learning for our students. We have just recently added 201 ipad minis to our inventory for classrooms.
We provide a “FREE” Breakfast for our students to begin their academic day well-nourished and ready to learn. Pat Henry does not provide the District’s X-Tended Time program for before and after school. However, throughout the school year we will provide extra academic programs through our Title I program.

“At Pat Henry our mission is to provide achievement-based, quality instruction in a safe and productive environment.”

We envision Pat Henry Elementary where:

  • There is mutual respect, honesty, responsibility, and cooperation among the school community.

  • Home, school, and the community at large, work together to benefit the students.

  • The school environment is secure, safe, and an inviting place which promotes students learning.

  • One hundred percent of students are able to read on grade level or above.

  • Curriculum and instruction meet the needs of all students.

  • Students are equipped with skills including social, academics, and technology which will aid them in a lifetime of learning